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Six Digit Confirmation Code For Facebook Hack

in this method, a hacker will use your facebook account password along with the phone's mobile number to access your account from a fake facebook page. as the example above shows, this website forces you to confirm your account by using a 6 digit code (picture above).

six digit confirmation code for facebook hack

you can use your facebook password to log into other websites that use the same system. login credentials are typically the user's name, email, phone number, and their facebook password. if your login credentials have been compromised, then your account information can be accessed by the hacker.

keep in mind that if you happened to select the wrong number for your facebook account, that number can be used by those nasty folks to hack any other accounts tied to the same facebook account. that could be a breach in your privacy and even an unsafe breach. doing nothing and allowing hackers to access your accounts can expose your personal information and financial data.

according to the data gathered by psiphon on the scam attempts, most of the suspects are from india. the united states are in the lead for the attempts to hack a facebook account. the most common languages detected to be used by these scammers are hindi, telugu, tamil and malayalam.

there's one big catch, however. all the hacking methods listed in this article require access to your mobile phone. so the next time you see a text from facebook, inspect the messages app to see what's really being sent. if it's a message with a private password code, click on the message to view the source code.


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