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Halo Combat Evolved Pc Dev Trainer [UPD] Download

----====New Features====----Well there are a few obvious new features with version 2.1 beta: -TIME FREEZE! Yes, it works on any version of halo. With this you can freeze every enemy, vehicle, projectile...everything freezes except you NOTE: on multiplayer you have to hold the freeze for it to work Thank you to Sheep for finding this -Reset Trainer This should help to fix some problems. By pressing the "Reset Key" ("F5" by default), you can reset the trainer so all cheats turn off and all addresses are searched for again.-Other notes-The trainer will appear to "freeze" or "not respond" when halo isfirst found or the reset key is pressed. This is especially noticeable in the new version, as it searches for the time-freezeaddress. Cheats cannot be activated during this time.The trainer is becoming a bit of a mess in terms of space on the GUIand the way i have coded it.I want to try and re-write the trainer from scratch before I add anynew features, but I am very busy and often cannot find the time.----====How To Use the DevTrainer====----1. Open DevTrainer from any location.2. Take note of the shortcut keys or customise them to your liking.3. Run halo while the DevTrainer is open.4. During gameplay or anytime while halo is running, press the shortcut keys to activate cheats. NOTE: Cheats will remain active until you turn them off. Closing the trainer does not turn off the cheats if halo is still running. If for some reason the trainer is closed while cheats are active, you must restart halo for the cheats turn off. IF CHEATS DO NOT SEEM TO WORK, RESET THE TRAINER (see above)----====Problems running DevTrainer====----Make sure you have the Visual Basic 6 runtime fileswhich can be downloaded from =en&FamilyID=BF9A24F9-B5C5-48F4-8EDD-CDF2D29A79D5Halo MUST BE RUNNING for the cheats to activate.IF CHEATS DO NOT SEEM TO WORK, RESET THE TRAINER (see above)If the cheats are not working, try minimizing halo and pressing theBLUE cheat buttons with the mouse to see if it is the shortcut keysthat are not working.Also, make sure you know what to expect with the cheats - hold themouse over a button to get a description of the cheatThere was a small bug where cheats turned on and off randomly..Istill do not know the cause of this but I "fixed" it by injecting allvalues every 500 milliseconds.If there are any further problems, please visit and look for DevTrainer in the Halo "Miscellaneous" section or and look for DevTrainer in the "Files"section----====Customising Shortcut Keys====---1. Click any button to the right of a cheat to bring up the "Assign Key" window.2. Type the name of the key you will be using eg. "Shift"3. Press enter or click on the next textbox.4. Press the key you want to assign so that its KeyCode appears in the textbox. NOTE: KeyCodes are used by Windows to recognise key presses. You do not need to worry about what their value means.5. Click "Done" to assign the key to the cheat.----====A Note About Saving====----Shortcut Keys are saved to a text file called "DevHotKeys.txt"Therefore, if you move the trainer, you must also move this fileif you want to keep your customised shortcut keys.To return the Shortcut keys to their default values, simply deleteor rename "DevHotKeys.txt". A new file will be created in its placewith the default values.----====Additional features====----Now that I have written the trainer in Visual Basic, I plan to add additionalfeatures. I could add things that can be accomplished with HMT, such as beingable to stick to walls, except they could be toggled during gameplayUPDATE- I can do it...However, I would mainly like to enable all of the debug functions - finishingthe job I started. I need to find a way of debugging halo. If anyone can helpme do this, then please msn or email me at: pault543@hotmail.comUPDATE-All developer functions would be too powerful...i have managed todebug halo version 1 and i cannot understand a thing lol

Halo Combat Evolved Pc Dev Trainer Download

Download Zip:

Using a Halo CE Anniversary trainer can be the key to unlocking all the levels and achievements in the game. The trainer is free and can be downloaded from the official Halo website. The trainer comes with over 26 cheat codes, including the LB and RT on the title screen.

HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary is the latest high-definition re-release of the original Xbox shooter Halo. It features remastered sound effects, in-game collectibles, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay through Xbox Live. It also features new weapons, vehicles, and levels, and offers total playtime of more than 24 hours on Heroic difficulty. In addition, it comes with a host of new features, including cheat codes, trainers, and downloads.

I've used every single trainer of MCC for a really long time, and this is pretty much the only request I can see that's important and missing from the halo reach trainer. Everything else is perfect, so thanks for doing this for us Fling.

Just download the program ( ), run the Assembly.exe and click "Open Content File". Now search for the map from your Halo MCC installation folder you want to modify (Halo- The Master Chief Collection/Content/haloreach/maps). The map for long night of solace is called, and the map for new alexandria is called, click either of that. If you're going for the m45 map, then we'll change stuff for the sabre, and if you're going for the m52 map, we'll change stuff for the falcon.


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