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Gulabi [1996 €? FLAC]

Guys Old Links Working Good for Lossless Lovers specially uploaded links still working nicely =flacOpen in FIREFOX Browser and search DL Links , Try this one is also have some nice Soundtracks

Gulabi [1996 – FLAC]

Thank You so much Deepak ji for the another excellent Vinyl Rip.And thank you Irshad Khan ji,KulDEEP ji, Dharmendra Singh ji, Dr.Prasad S.Burange, Mukesh Sharma ji & Biswa ji for sharing High-resolution Lossless Music. Some people need to understand & respect that people are taking time from their daily life schedule and sharing this free music.Sites like A2zcity & AtoZMusiq have now became a paid site which offers flac songs links only after paying through Paypal services.

The obscure track featured in the Vol. 3 teaser is "In the Meantime" by alternative rock band Spacehog. While the song was a Top 40 hit in the United States after it was released, it follows a streak of somewhat older songs being included in James Gunn's filmography. Released in 1996, it's the most modern song featured in a Guardians movie, confirming more recent music may be sprinkled throughout the soundtrack thanks to Peter Quill receiving his Zune at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Playing throughout most of the trailer, "In the Meantime" suggests Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be sadder than the previous movies.

[1974] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 3 (Albüm) Flac[1975] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 4 (Albüm) Flac[1976] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 5 (Albüm) Flac[1976] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 6 (Albüm)[1976] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 7 (Albüm) Flac[1977] Aşık Gülabi - Utan Sülo (Single) Flac[1979] Aşık Gülabi - Ölen Bizim Kalan Bizim (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Ali İle Neslihan (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Bize Yazık _ Muhtar Emmi (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Bu Nasıl - Kan Davası (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Dedemoğlu (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Postacı (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Sefil Baykuş (Albüm) Flac[1986] Aşık Gülabi - Yaralarım (Albüm) Flac[1990] Aşık Gülabi - Merhaba Dostlarım _ Medet (Albüm) Flac[1993] Aşık Gülabi - Alevilikte Cem 1 (Albüm) Flac[1993] Aşık Gülabi - Alevilikte Cem 2 (Albüm)[1993] Aşık Gülabi - Sivas Madımak - Turnalar (Albüm) Flac[1995] Aşık Gülabi - Yeter Felek (Albüm)[1996] Aşık Gülabi - Hastayım Yaram Derin (Albüm) Flac[1997] Aşık Gülabi - Medet - Düşmanına Düşmanım (Albüm) Flac[1998] Aşık Gülabi - Yıkılsın Gurbet (Albüm)[2000] Aşık Gülabi - Dergah 8 (Albüm) Flac[2013] Aşık Gülabi - Kısmet Bizi Atmış Gurbet Ellere (Albüm) Flac


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