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Incest В» Socigames PATCHED

Counterpart to cuck sick minds,when they are justified with having kinks and it's not wrong and blah blah blah,so why a incest fantasy that's too with step members is bad? At least they are not doing that in reality unlike cucks shit like guys.

Incest В» Socigames


yeah it's still sad barely legal is MOSTLY for pedophiles who dont want to admit it, feet is OK to an extent with me lol, and incest that's just disgusting how popular it is in the porn game industry and I feel it's the porn games making it popular because almost every game u see has incest and barely even tries to hide it. Incest is so wrong on multiple levels because it's inbreeding which never turns out well and who knows if these creators are actually indulging in incest or not, I mean I like some of the games with incest and because it's good I just pretend it's not there. I honestly say only time a incest scenario is cool when it's a step sis or step mom where required by law in there not related by blood at all.

Psychologist specializing in sexual attractions would disagree with you. Ephebophilia is common enough to be considered normal for society and is the most common age related. Ephebophilia is attraction to persons who have gone through puberty (typically 15-21 years old depending on sex and the onset of puberty) but have not physically matured. i.e sexually mature but not physically mature. And yes, the psychology of attraction is an interesting and at times disturbing. Part of it comes with the human brain being hardwired to breed as is the case with all animals. At a base level we exist to procreate. Which is why things that are detrimental to procreation are repulsive to society on a base level. Necrophilia, pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubescent children), hebephilia (attraction to pubescent children), incest, homosexuality, ect. On the other side you have a basic attraction to things that are seen a contribution to procreation. A pregnant woman is a known breeder, wide hips and large breast psychologically identify a woman more likely to be physically capable of birthing and raising a small child, muscles and height on the male side tend to be identifies of a good protector and provider. Another part of it is age. Mens sexual peak is between the ages of 16-35 whereas with women its between 16-25. Now none of this has anything to do with societal or moral norms. Society rules sometimes contradict psychological norms which is good as human are above the base psychological needs.

I think it was because of the site policy. If I'm not mistaken, It forbids incestuous relationship in any of the game. That's why some games give the player an option to determine the relationship of the support characters with the player, but not set incestuous relationship as default

It might be the site, or the payment processors the site uses. Some payment processors have fairly strict rules on the types of services you can or can't pay for through them, and incest, even simulated, is often one of the first on the chopping block.

Some sites don't allow incest, like i think if the game is on steam it can't have it. To counterract this, there is an incest patch that you load into the folder that changes the relationship to what it would actually be

That's not true, because on itch and Steam, there is also Grandma's House, Bad Memories, Sisterly Lust and Young Again and they either have incest patching or they have it in the storyline without the need of patching on Steam or itch, so that reason doesn't really fly. It's more likely a choice of the developer and not the site. I have in the past, just found the file that has the "Landlady" or "Landlord" relations and simply modified them with the correct terms of identifying the characters and ran it accordingly. Just sayin'.

Thanks Aleshebi, I'll take a look there.It's a game that has an interesting setting with some decent graphics and good characters, it looks like he's absorbed quite a bit of The Headmaster for it, but he's really undermined it all chiefly with the dialogue and some laughable animations.The most obvious one is the terrible, game-breaking, family word replacement "Is it okay that tenant and half tenant feel like this ?" "We're all household neighbor Mary" I'm presuming he's just done a Find & Replace on all the family words to avoid incest restrictions from or similar, but it kills the game and is a relatively easy fix by them just being a step family with no actual blood ties.The first person animations too, which makes the girls look like they're having a mini-stroke whenever they're supposed to be French kissing ( heads suddenly dropping and tongues lolling out), and don't get me started on the 'winking' which seems like they have all contracted some sort of eye infection !Obviously I could go on and on, and that's only because the core elements are actually good and a lot of this could be sorted with some decent exposition and editing, but how responsive Killer7 might be to doing this to his creation is a different matter.

I actually discovered the patch immediately after I wrote that, but thanks.The stepfamily workaround is routine in porn where there are those same concerns about incest, and I think would work pretty well within this story without the patch, particularly for those that really aren't turned on by the idea of humping their own grandmother.Do you know other games besides The Headmaster like this Aleshebi ?

Hello friends. I would like to make an explanation. I'm not sure you know, but as an adult games creator, I can't monetize my games. Paypal ( works with them as a payment processor) do not allow payments to developers who create a special kind of sexual content (incest, rape, drugs, domination, blackmail and etc.). If you have played any part of my game, you know for sure that I fall into all of these categories :)

Not a Bella fan (she's hot and rich, but also she's crazy, probably with more than a hint of bipolarism, which explains her actions) but Nami is realistic enough to me (she does what she does because she's in love with him, though afraid to admit that to even herself), and I speak from experience. Back in the early 2000's my real life sister did the same thing not too long after she started growing tits (she had a crush on her bro and it was her not-very-subtle way of trying to seduce me, though I didn't know it at the time until she flat out told me over 2 years later during an argument over her jealously-induced cockblocking), but we didn't actually fuck until after 3 years of that (mainly due to her age rather than incest aspects, didn't want her changing her mind and wanting her virginity back, and the younger a girl is the more fickle they are). 17 years later still together (though mom and dad disowned us both when they found out I was responsible for getting her pregnant at 14) and we now have 6 kids (surprised it took that many for her to overcome her fear of surgery and get her tubes tied). If anything MC/Nami is "too realistic" as some people have less hangups about incest or give that much of a shit about what other people might think (though these days we don't advertise it much for our kids' sake). 041b061a72


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